Jillian’s Cowboy now in print and e-book! A sweet, clean & wholesome story of love and suspense.

   A story of love and suspense.  The past haunts her idyllic life. Jillian Parker moved from Florida to northern Minnesota, determined to put behind her all reminders of her mother’s tragic death. Here, she discovers the home she’d always dreamed of – thirty acres of land filled with magnificent meadows and wildlife surrounded by beautiful lakes.
Sadly, soon after settling in she’s informed that her father suffered a fatal heart attack. While his death was a grievous blow, the letter he left gives her a tremendous shock as it reveals a past she’d never suspected.
She’s consoled by the friendship of handsome Connor, a man with a generous heart, yet her perfect life abruptly turns into complete turmoil when she’s attacked by someone intent on spoiling her new life…

A heart-warming romance with undertones of suspense! A long-awaited novel. Jillian’s Cowboy will pull you right back into the ranch lives in the northern woods of Minnesota.



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